About Karandoula.com

A cross-platform elearning app built for guinean secondary school students. Karandoula is a supplementary study tool meant to complement schooling.


Facilitate access to educational resources

Motivation / Background

The educational infrastructure in Guinea leaves a lot to be desired and is far from ideal. Historically, a student studying in Guinea has to deal with constant disruption to their education cycle caused by the endless amount of strikes, occurring almost on a bi-monthly basis. This is the standard experience that even I, went through during my High-school days back in Guinea. 2020s cohort however, had the misfortune of experiencing a world-wide pandemic atop the usual standard disruptions. Following the compulsory lockdown measures, the majority of students were stuck at home, unfortunately missing out on a significant part of their syllabus. While stuck at home, adequate alternative solutions to learning they could use were very limited (and in most cases, inaccessible). The need for a model which solves the above problems for Guinean students is therefore very apparent. As part of this solution, I am proposing an App. A cross-platform E-learning mobile application (For both Android & IOS platforms).

- Issa m. Nimaga (Founder and Developper of the App)


Karandoula is the product of the efforts and contributions (direct & indirect) of multiple individuals & organisations.


  • Laye Massoukemo
  • Issa Ben Khalil Nimaga
  • Dr. Mohamed Kaba
  • Mamadou Hassimiou Diallo
  • Dr. Kossi Edem Baita
  • Ismael Baldé

Other credits/attributions

Development and curation is still on-going though. If you would like to help out, then please send an email to [email protected]