Latest version of Karandoula in the appstore: v0.4.0 (as of 26th September, 2021). See here for changelog

What is Karandoula?

Karandoula is a cross-platform elearning app built for guinean secondary school students. It is a supplementary study tool meant to facilitate access to free learning resources on the internet.

Do I need an account to use Karandoula?

In short, No. Karandoula can be used without registering a user account. However, an account is required to take full advantage of all the functionalites of the app/service (Ex: Tracking/logging revision sessions).

I have noticed a bug or error in the app. Where do I send feedback?

Please send an email to [email protected], including as much detail as you can. Thanks for Beta testing the app by the way. :)

When are the remaining contents coming? Why is development/curation taking so long?

Karandoula is/has been entirely designed and developed by myself(Issa), a one man team. Although its a side project I’ve been passionately working on during most weekends since September of last year, I have other commitments that take priority. Nevertheless, I am slowly expanding the team and have been able to convince multiple people to help with content curation. We could use more help so feel free to reach out.

I like Karandoula. How can I help?

Fantastic news for us! There are multiple ways to help Karandoula. Whether by simply downloading the app and becoming a beta tester, sending us suggestions for improvements, or becoming a content curator. Please send an email to [email protected] to discuss.